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    Re: Expungement of Misdemeanor

    Posted by JD in CA on 3/17/08

    You can apply for expungement one year after you were finally
    discharged from probation. You submit an application and a
    nominal fee (I believe it's $50) to the court. Notice is
    given to the probation department and the prosecutor. The
    court looks to see if you're a first-time offender and whether
    or not you appear to have been rehabilitated (in general,
    they'll run a criminal history and see if you've picked up
    anything else since the case you're trying to expunge). If
    either the prosecutor or probation officer objects to the
    expungement, the court will then weigh the interests - yours
    in sealing the records and the need to keep them open.

    This procedure is one that you can do yourself, but it may be
    worth it to hire an attorney for this, since if you screw it
    up, it may hurt your chance to try again in the future.

    ***I am not licensed to practice in the state of Ohio. Any
    above information should be considered for education and
    entertainment value only. No legal representation is agreed
    to or intended. Your contents may settle during shipping,
    objects in mirror are closer than they appear and any other
    disclaimer you can think of. ***

    On 2/24/08, G wrote:
    > I need to kwow how to expunge a misdemeanor in the state of
    > Ohio for disorderly conduct. Any information would be
    > appreciated. Thanks

    Ohio expungement info

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