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    Re: mineral oil and gas deeds

    Posted by Dustin on 7/02/06

    On 4/28/06, jim wrote:
    > Can anyone tell me if a mineral oil and gas deed is a
    > binding document, if so is it as binding as the surface
    > deed?

    The surface and minerals underlying a tract of land are one
    and the same and a part of the same parcel of land until
    severed. Severance is the act of either reserving the
    minerals or a part thereof from a conveyance of the

    Severance of the mineral estate from the surface estate is
    often accomplished by a reservation of the minerals, but can
    also be effected by a mineral deed conveying only the
    mineral estate. And severance occurs where the owner of
    both the surface and minerals leases the mineral estate in
    an oil and gas lease.

    In any event, deeds of minerals, royalty deeds, assignments
    of interests in oil and gas leases or interests carved out
    of oil and gas leases are ALL deeds of real property and
    entitled to the same respect and treatment under the law in
    most jurisdictions.


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