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    Re: mineral oil and gas deeds

    Posted by jim on 7/05/06

    On 7/02/06, Dustin wrote:
    > On 4/28/06, jim wrote:
    >> Can anyone tell me if a mineral oil and gas deed is a
    >> binding document, if so is it as binding as the surface
    >> deed?
    > The surface and minerals underlying a tract of land are one
    > and the same and a part of the same parcel of land until
    > severed. Severance is the act of either reserving the
    > minerals or a part thereof from a conveyance of the
    > surface.
    > Severance of the mineral estate from the surface estate is
    > often accomplished by a reservation of the minerals, but can
    > also be effected by a mineral deed conveying only the
    > mineral estate. And severance occurs where the owner of
    > both the surface and minerals leases the mineral estate in
    > an oil and gas lease.
    > In any event, deeds of minerals, royalty deeds, assignments
    > of interests in oil and gas leases or interests carved out
    > of oil and gas leases are ALL deeds of real property and
    > entitled to the same respect and treatment under the law in
    > most jurisdictions.
    > Dustin --------------------------------------------------
    thanks Dustin.
    very good information,but i cannot understand how state
    legislators can legaly take a deed of private ownership of
    gas /oil from you and give your ownership of mineral rights to
    a company who has not contracted for production of the oil /gas
    that is severed from the surface property" The owners of the
    surface property pays taxes on the surface,and the owners of
    the mineral gas/oil has payed a seperate tax for 100 yrs on the
    gas/oil in pennsylvania the state says even if you own a deed

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