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    Re: Shoplifting - Local Ord Misd GA

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 3/31/08

    Why don't you "feel the need of an attorney" if you don't
    even know if you're going to jail or not? Most "first time
    offenders" aren't so comfortable with the prospect of
    spending a year in jail.

    On 3/31/08, Jeff wrote:
    > I have a question about shoplifting in GA. I was charged
    > with shoplifting and my case is in about a week. I don't
    > feel the need of an attorney, as I'm a first time
    > offender, and I'm guilty of what I was charged. I have
    > found out the fine amount, but I'm wondering if I will see
    > Jail time for this or not? Anyone have any clues as to
    > what I might get?

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