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    Re: Criminal Defense Needed!

    Posted by Frankie Adamo on 6/24/08

    On 4/14/08, Deborah D. Miller wrote:
    > On 4/12/08, Posted by Deborah D. Miller wrote:
    >> FL: on 4/12/08
    >> If someone sends you a letter that angers you and you
    > call
    >> their cell phone 5 times back to back to tell them off
    > and
    >> I mean "really well",,,can they bust you for phone
    >> harassment and use the voice mails as evidence in a court
    >> of law?
    >> I am a law student. Truly need help! Thank you. Debbie

    1. Check the statutes in your jurisdiction for the crime of
    harassment. Perhaps you did not commit any crime.
    2. Check the Florida Rules of Evidence for admissibility of
    recorded messages. Hint: this may fall under Rule 801(d) -
    admissions of a party-opponent. Also, Rule 901.

    This should get you started.

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