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    Re: Reasonable fee for apparent slam dunk

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 5/27/08

    About $5000 more than what you think is fair.

    On 5/27/08, Michael Collins wrote:
    > I was accused in 11/2002 by the Kirkland WA. Police
    > department of theft. The detective told me that if I left
    > the state of Washington the case would never go forward.
    > I was formally charged without my knowledge in Aug 2004
    > and of course there is a warrent for Theft I in King
    > County Washington Superior Court...
    > My accuser since then is facing a 7+ Felony count
    > indictment by the US govt and is awaiting trial. In the
    > indictment is clearly states that "As defendant xxxx xxxx
    > knew, all of the documents described in
    > paragraph 5 were false and fraudulent because he
    > instructed defendant yyyyyy to create
    > those documents using false information supplied by
    > defendant xxxx. As defendant xxxxx
    > further knew, defendant yyyy created each of the false
    > documents using a personal computer at
    > company xyz."
    > What is a reasonable fee for an atty to present all this
    > to the prosecutor's office and get this dropped?

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