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    Post: State "Calley Laws"

    Posted by Da' Clerks on 6/14/06

    For those who wonder what happens with ratification of
    federal laws, And for those who have seen law enforcement
    officers commit crimes during legal events (Arrests,
    searches, questioning, seizure of properties), I give to
    you the Calley Act of 1972.

    Every State except Alaska has ratified the laws with
    some form of amplification concerning law enforcement

    The biggest adaptation is the victim of the officer and the
    officer/criminal must both take the latest most accurate
    for of polygraph test.

    Caution: Though you may be legally entitled to walk away
    from a questioning or arrest because of an officer
    violating the law; It Is Not Adviseable because of the risk
    the witnessing person/victim.

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