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    Post: Fighting against police

    Posted by Chris on 3/25/09

    Okay, here is my situation. 2 years ago I was at work and
    my roommate called the police on me saying I had illegal
    material on my computer. The police officer went to my
    apartment, picked up the computer, and then came and talked
    to me at work. I had no prior knowledge of him picking up
    my computer at the time, until he showed up. I never gave
    the officer permission to take my computer, but I was so
    shaken up, I didnt think of asking for a warrent. Finally,
    after 8 months, there was a warrent out for my arrest, I was
    picked up, served 2 weeks in jail before taking a
    pleabargain. I've been out ever since, however, I now have
    a record. Would there be any hope in me trying to fight
    against the illegal seizure of my computer? Thanks!

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