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    Re: what can i do

    Posted by maria on 5/19/09

    On 3/27/09, duane wrote:
    > what are the odds i get ss or disability with a felony. I
    > was diagnosed with severe anxiety in prison by the prison
    > and have had problems with getting a job and keeping it
    > ever since. I dont know what else to do. What are my odds?

    I have read the posted responses and it's silly how people
    that have no experience in the subject still respond. First
    I would like to inform you that I am an experienced Social
    Security Disability Paralegal. There are only two ways a
    person can be found disable, though a mental or physical
    impairment. Under Social Security listings you have the
    12.04, Affective Disorders, this includes the depression
    and anxiety. Many factors play a role in determining whether
    a person is disabled. This includes your age, education,
    past relevant work experience, transferable skills. You did
    not provided enough information to determine whether you may
    GRID, this is if you are over 50yrs of age, the grid rule
    begins its application. However, if you are a younger
    individual (18-49) you need to be seeing a psychiatrist, if
    you are low income or no income, you need to get indigent
    medical assistance from your county. The SSA also does pay
    for benefits while you are incarcerated as they are already
    taking care of your basic needs such as food and shelter. A
    completion of a "Mental Residual Functional Capacity
    Questionnaire" is extremely helpful in getting your case
    established. 80-90% of claims get denied nationwide, but you
    have to appeal usually twice. At the ALJ level you have a
    court date, this is where most of the claims get approved. I
    hope some of this real information has been of assistance to
    you, please visit our website at

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