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    Post: Being Held @ Det. Center for 20 Months Waiting Trial

    Posted by Char on 5/27/09

    There is a man who has been charged with outrageous charges
    who has been held in Harford County Det. Center and has had
    his trial postponed 4 times! He has been incarcerated for
    about 20 months now with no conviction. There has been
    plenty of men coming in after this man (with the same
    prosecutor) was charged and going to trial...getting
    convicted...going up the road all the while this man still
    sits! This has to be illegal! How is it that someone (who is
    a great family man with no prior problems) gets accused and
    charged (with NO evidence to show he did anything) and gets
    to rot in jail???? The judges and prosecutors do whatever
    they please! Someone please help with some advice. Thanks a
    lot for reading.

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