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    Re: Euthanasia According To The Dictionary Uncle Sam Uses

    Posted by Stasi Columbia on 10/06/09

    On 9/24/09, Steve Blonske wrote:
    > According to the same dictionary used by Uncle Sam
    > "euthanasia" is defined as: Def. Put to death using
    > medical means. [euphanism: The Good Death (1932 Germany)]
    > The only homonym for euthanasia is Execute. This word
    > is defined as "Put to death *usually* by state order".
    > The term "Put to" using the same dictionary is defined as:
    > "To cause Duress during a process." "To complete against
    > the will of the recipient."
    > So how is the euthanasia clause in President Obama's
    > Upcomming "Health Care Bill" *Not Mass Murder of Those
    > Intended?*
    > Steve Blonske
    > GySgt USMC Retired


    Your Uncle Thomas Charles Blonske(a.k.a.: Che Guevera[
    The Warrior] was a witness to the Euthanasia of your
    family on 28-29 August 1939 on the German Polish Border.

    Every Massacre of an ethnic nature in human history
    has been called "Euthanasia". From the Mongols, to
    The Syrians, to The English who committed "Euthanasia"
    in India, Afghanistan, China, Australia, South Africa,
    and Ireland. In the Balkans, the Bosnians called
    the mass murder of 800,000 Serb infants, toddlers,
    children, women, and geriatrics "Euthanasia". Yet
    the US Government entered the Balkans to rescue these
    war criminals from Serb Prison Camps and set off the
    Serb associated atrocities.

    (If you doubt the Che Relationship; call the German
    Government or find his 1950's pictures in Columbia
    and compare them to your self and family.)

    Which, by the way, makes you a terrorist for being
    related to him under the Homeland Security Act.

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