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    Post: Denver Criminal DXefense Lawyer Gets you results

    Posted by Venkatesh Iyer on 1/24/10

    Now I am a well trained, experienced, knowledgeable and
    dedicated Denver criminal defense lawyer helping people
    accused of crimes get a just resolution of the charges
    either by winning at trial or getting a great plea bargain.
    I look back on how I got to be a battle tested Denver
    criminal lawyer.

    Here is my journey in fulfilling my father's and my dream of
    being a lawyer, and in time a great human lawyer, working to
    help the little people fight the powers to be (corporate and
    government) ...

    As a very young person I had a deep sense of right and
    wrong. I always felt the pain and anguish of the weakest and
    most vulnerable members of society. As a kid my dad would
    take me the Courts in Bombay, India. I never really
    understood why Dad was always fighting with people - he was
    always in court. (later on in life I realized that Dad was
    the little guy always getting "screwed' by the big shots).
    His choice of lawyers was not always good. I then realized I
    must be the very best lawyer and serve the best interests of
    my clients getting them the results they want in a cost
    effective and timely manner.

    At the age of about 16 years, my father died and had to fend
    for myself with some help from my mother and siblings. I
    knew that I had to get an education to do something with my

    I completed my Masters of Commerce (equivalent to a Business
    Degree) from the University of Bombay, India. I then was
    admitted to practice as a Chartered Accountant (equivalent
    to a Certified Public Accountant).

    I worked in India and Dubai(United Arab Emirates) for many
    years gaining valuable insights to people and their conduct.
    I also gained financial skills during these years as an
    accountant and auditor.

    In 1988 I moved to Denver and worked as Controller and
    Operations Manager for a very reputed jazz Club and
    restaurant gaining valuable business experience. I qualified
    as a Colorado Certified Public Accountant, a Certified
    Management Accountant; A Certified Internal Auditor; and a
    Chartered Bank Auditor.

    In 1991, I moved to Los Angeles (to be closer to my mother
    who was very ill being diagnosed with kidney failure,
    diabetes and glaucoma) and worked for a very large
    corporation in the Cellular Telephone industry. I saw first
    hand how large corporations legally dominated and subjugated
    the poor and helpless through artful drafting of one sided
    legal documents. I knew this was grossly unfair and decided
    to go out on my own. In 1994, I established my tax practice
    and in 1999 I was admitted to practice before the United
    States Tax Court.

    In 2005, I established Iyer Law Office with a few thousand
    dollars in my pocket, a computer and table. I struggled the
    first two years but gained tremendous experience and
    insight into defending the accused. I gained the trust and
    respect of my clients, the prosecutors, the judges, and my
    peers. In a short period a time, I gained the trust of the
    community and now have a successful law practice; primarily
    focused in Criminal and Juvenile Defense. I soon realized
    that I need actual training my other great lawyers to better
    serve my clients.

    So from 2006 through 2007, I attended Bill Trine (Colorado
    Super Lawyer) trial skills training camp. I was transforming
    and understanding the "inner me" as a lawyer.

    Bill Trine helped me get into Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers'
    College, Wyoming, in 2008; and I again was trained for
    three weeks by America's Best Lawyers. I put to test the
    techniques in actual trial and began to win trials and
    getting better plea bargains.

    In 2009, the National Criminal Defense College admitted me
    to attend their most prestigious residential trial training
    program on a scholarship where I was trained by the most
    pre-eminent of trial lawyers in the country.

    In 2008, the State Court Administrator's office appointed me
    to represent parents in the 13th Judicial District in
    Dependency and Neglect cases.

    Since 2005 I have helping people defend against criminal,
    dui/dwai, juvenile delinquency charges, and dependency and
    neglect cases filed against them by the State of Colorado.

    Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

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