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    Post: Arapahoe County DA of Colorado Dismisses Felony Case against Iyer Law Office's Client

    Posted by Iyer Law Office- Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer - Vee Iyer on 2/17/10

    All Felony Charges Dismissed by Arapahoe County DA of Colorado
    We are proud and elated to have prevailed on the District
    Attorney's Office of Colorado to dismiss the entire felony
    case against our client, a health care professional, at the
    pre-trial readiness conference (This is the time the
    prosecution and the defense informs the Judge whether or not
    the case will go to trial or is to be re set to another
    date). The dismissal saved the client the costs of a five
    day trial with out of state expert witnesses. (Several
    thousands of $$$).

    Our professional staff provided the District Attorney with
    our 200 pages evidence without revealing our trump cards or
    our aces in the hole (we had several).

    Before the client came to our law firm, the client had
    already voluntarily submitted to an interrogation by the
    police. The client ultimately "confessed" to the police and
    signed a written statement admitting to the allegations.

    However, our thorough analysis of the physical evidence,
    police reports, witness statements, our client's video and
    written confession, our detailed and thorough investigation,
    and interviewing over 30 witnesses told us a different
    story. A story... establishing our client's innocence. The
    client could not explain why he or she "confessed" to the
    police. However, our professional defense team realized and
    understood that the "confession" was obtained because of the
    client's personality and tendency to submit to "authority"
    figures (police are authority figures). We consulted with a
    pre-eminent expert on police interrogation techniques and
    how such interrogations are designed to elicit "confessions"
    from interviewees (without regard to the innocence or guilt
    of the interviewee) and the coerciveness of police
    interrogations and an expert on human personality types and
    behavioral patterns while under police interrogations. The
    underlying assumption and precept in any police
    interrogation is that the subject of the interview
    (interviewee) is guilty as hell and it is up to the skill,
    persistence, trickery and techniques used by the interviewer
    (trained and well experienced police interrogator) that
    "gets" the interviewee to finally ' confess".

    Police interrogations remind me of the movie "Under
    Suspicion" (where Morgan Freeman is the police interrogator
    and Gene Hackman is a well experience lawyer). Morgan
    Freeman after some time interrogating Gene Hackman about
    some vicious murders finally confesses to these murders
    (although he was completely innocent). In the movie, Gene
    Hackman was very lucky because just after he finally
    confessed another murder occurred (similar pattern of
    previous murders) while he was in police custody being
    interrogated. How lucky for the character played by Gene
    Hackman. In real life, you may never be so lucky.

    We even billed the District Attorney Office for discovery
    and obtained a check for over $120.00. The District
    Attorney's Office even was required to come to our office on
    a date and time certain with proper identification to pick
    up discovery. We gave no quarter to the high and mighty
    district attorney's office. We were tough as nails and never
    gave in.

    To give credit where credit is due. The client must be
    commended for having confidence in us for these long months.
    We never lost faith in the client and the client never lost
    faith in us.

    The lesson in all of this long process is that "NEVER EVER

    The police pry n people's misconception and if you are
    innocent you have nothing to fear for the "truth will set
    you free" Do not believe in this institutional and
    governmental propaganda and lies.

    Remember the police have the license and are legally allowed
    to Lie, cheat, deceive, play games, trick you into
    confessing while they are investigating a crime. However,
    you are "never" allowed to lie, cheat, deceive, play games,
    trick the police at any time.

    You have only two choices. The first and best one is to
    remain silent and speak the "truth" and be tricked into

    Remember, one thing, the only time police want to speak to
    you is when they have no case, or a weak case, or they want
    to build an air-tight case against you. The police methods
    and thinking is "heads I (police) win and Tails You lose.
    They will win every time you speak with the police. Whenever
    you speak to the police you will always do so at grave peril
    to your life and liberty and will have to invest a whole lot
    of money to prove your innocence.

    Our client now will ever speak to the police or government
    without having an attorney present. It is cheaper to retain
    and pay for an attorney before the fact than it is after you
    are charged. It is even better to be arrested (everyone will
    tell you that if the police have the evidence to charge and
    arrest you they will do that even if you do not speak to
    them or even if you speak with them. Your speaking with the
    police makes no difference in the police's decision to
    charge or arrest you. But if you do speak with them you may
    be helping the police to build and make a solid case against

    Once a case is build it is very difficult and expensive to
    demolish their case. Even the District Attorneys will not
    give you a break by dismissing the case if they can
    reasonably prove their case against you (your statements can
    make the difference in not dismissing the case.)

    You should note that District Attorneys do not favor
    dismissing a case they would rather have you plead to a
    lesser criminal offense in order to send you a message and
    thereby ensuring you have a criminal record. It is very
    difficult, time consuming to seal a criminal record. In some
    instances you cannot seal your record, however long you
    wait. Once you have a criminal record you may never the get
    the plumb job you deserve because of the criminal record.
    Your future and life is worth far more than what you will
    have to invest in attorney fees and cost to defend you.

    Denver Crimianl Defense Lawyer

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