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    Post: illegal consumption

    Posted by samantha on 6/19/06

    So, I just recently recieved a ticket for illegal
    consumption by a minor. I didn't recieve a breathalizer
    nor did i admit i was drinking. However, I had one beer
    and i'm not complaining about the ticket. I've learned my
    lesson although I'm completely confused about what I'm
    suppose to do. The police officer issued me the ticket and
    told me I owed a $75 dollar fine and I didn't have to
    appear in court. I just had to pay the fine. But, I
    thought this was unusual because i've heard of other people
    recieving tickets that were at least $200. How do I know
    if my illegal consumption was a misdemeanor or a city
    ordinance because I know it can be both. And if it is a
    misdemeanor can I get court supervision even though I have
    already recived supervision for a speeding ticket? Is there
    any way I can do something so I don't have this ticket
    haunting me forever. I know it was a stupid mistake, but I
    really am concerened about this. Please help.


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