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    Post: shoplifting

    Posted by tommy ngo on 10/23/10

    Hey im tommy, I am 18 years old college student at Winona
    State University, and i live in minnesota. I have always
    had a clean record until recently caught shoplifting a item
    worth less than $30 at "Down In The Vally." There was a
    censer on the item i was trying to steel and the alram went
    off. After getting caught i gave back what i had tried to
    steel i was apologetic, and did not try to run or anything,
    even though i had chances too. The girl working who caught
    me was very upset and saying i was a criminal, stupid,
    going to jail, and treated me like a second class citizen.
    I started to think she was saying some of the things she
    did because i was asian and she was white. When i asked to
    talk to my lawyer she said i could not because "i havent
    even talked to the cop yet." Once the cop got there we went
    to the back room and he read me my rights, afterwards he
    asked me if i wanted to talk about the situation i said
    "no" because i was offended at the time and didn't to get
    myself in more trouble than i already was in. The cop wrote
    me out a ticket saying i have to go to court November 5,
    2010 at 8:30 am. The ticket says something about a
    misdemeanor which i do not what.

    I talked to a friend about the situation and he said i
    should get a lawyer and counter sue and ask "Down in The
    Vally" to settle outside of court or drop the charges it
    would be easy to get the store to drop the charges so i
    dont have a misdemeanor on my record.

    Can a lawyer type a letter to Down In The Vally asking them
    to drop the charges on Tommy Ngo or else i will counter sue
    for racial discrimination, and more? Let me know if you can
    do this for me i will surely put some money in the pocket
    of the person to get me out of this misdemeanor!

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