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    Post: Disorderly Conduct Self Defense help

    Posted by Niki on 11/27/10

    I am looking for advice on defending myself in trial for a
    Disorderly Conduct - Fighting charge. I am in Tempe, AZ.
    According to Tempe, I will not get a public defender as
    they are not seeking jail time. I cannot afford an
    attourney. I was arrested half a mile away from the
    alleged scene. There is one witness, one 'victim', and two
    police officers listed on the state's discovery (no contact
    information). There was no physical violence. Technically
    there is no evidence except for what the alleged victim and
    witness say.

    I would like to file a motion to dismiss on the grounds
    that having the witness and victim ID me in court is
    prejudicial. Any advice on how to file and case laws on
    idependant identification would be welcome. Also any
    statistics on the unreliability of eye witness testimony.

    I will start with this. Might be back with more questions.
    Thank you in advanced!

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