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    Post: Shoplifting

    Posted by Shoplifting on 1/21/11

    i recently quit my retail job of almost 4 years to start
    grad school far away (needless to say, i am over 18). i have
    been shoplifting from there off and on for 2 years now. i
    don't have an estimate for how much i took, but lets just
    say the clothes there ain't cheap. i left on a good note,
    everyone knew i was leaving soon, and they even bought me a
    goodbye present. however, about 4 days after my last day, a
    fellow employee told me a manager had mentioned to her how i
    was "in a lot of trouble" she didn't elaborate, as she
    wasn't supposed to have had this conversation with an
    associate as it were. i want to know, what can i do? can the
    cops show up to my house? if the LP people call me to come
    it, do i have to go? i am so nervous i can barely sleep. why
    would they wait until after i left to start some kind of

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