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    Post: obstruction of justice (lying to cop in IL)

    Posted by Stockbroker on 1/28/11

    Okay, I'll try and leave it as short as possible.

    8 years ago roughly I was charged with "Obstruction of
    Justice". The police asked my name and I told them a false
    first name and correct last name date of birth etc. I happen
    to be the fourth so I go by a different first name when
    around family.

    Originally pled guilty with agreement to 2 years probation
    and it would be dropped from Felony class 4 to Class A
    misdemeanor. I filed to move to another state a year and 8
    months on good terms of probation, however was pulled over
    and the other state found out I had left Illinois. BREACHED

    three years of postponing and three lawyers later the DA
    would not budge on the conviction.

    Two choices after violation of probation. One) don't goto
    jail or prison and accept the felony conviction and be on
    your way. two) go in front of the judge.

    I took number one. I don't have any criminal history prior
    to this verbal offense and find myself bitter nearly
    everyday about it. i am at the understanding that I can't
    appeal something I have already plead out to. So besdides
    writing for a pardon what can I do? did I do the right
    decision or should I have "bluffed and demanded to goto trial?"

    I technically go by that first name on holidays anyways.

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