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    Post: DUI: The Stop

    Posted by Kevin Pitts on 2/15/12

    The initial phase of a DUI case is the traffic stop. This is
    a heavily litigated area because if it is an illegal stop
    your case is going away. Suppressing the stop is like
    cutting the head off of a snake. Suppressing the breath test
    is like cutting the tail off.

    What you can do to reduce the risk of a traffic stop is make
    sure all your lights are working and do not speed or drive
    below the posted minimum. Probably half of my DUI clients
    come from equipment issues like license plate lights and
    headlights not working. Many of the rest come from speeding.
    Some of the common remaining stops come from weaving,
    crossing the center line, careless driving and illegal
    u-turns. Driving pattern stops, wide turns u-turns and
    failing to maintain a single lane can be challenged and have
    specific requirements.

    Crash cases can also be challenged and can be more difficult
    to prosecute. The accident report privilege can cause proof
    issues. The accident report privilege is waived in leaving
    the scene of an accident DUI cases. Speeding stops are
    difficult to suppress. If you are going to a bar or liquor
    store make sure your lights are working because police are
    looking for easy stops in those areas. These can be
    difficult stops for a DUI attorney to contest but they are
    also preventable. If the stop is not suppressed the case is
    not over but it is one of the easier challenges for a DUI
    attorney to win. Driving pattern stops are much easier to
    defend in DUI cases.

    The average DUI conviction will cost over $5,000 without
    attorney’s fees. A tag light costs around $1. If the stop is
    valid many other areas can be challenged.

    Daytona Beach DUI Attorney

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