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    Post: Legal Help

    Posted by Clara on 6/06/15

    We are actively seeking legal counsel in the Indianapolis ar
    ea, preferably one with good Christian values and a non-judg
    mental attitude. We are looking for an attorney willing to
    review his legal documentation. He is fully aware that cha
    nges will need to be made, and will make those changes himse
    lf. He is needing a consultant/legal liaison for the legal w
    ork and someone that can do the talking in court. Mr. Blenke
    nship promises you will not perjure yourself or violate any
    professional rules of conduct. Consultation will basically b
    e revolving around which vehicle to use to present issues to
    the court. Once that is established Mr. Blenkenship can go
    from there. I can offer financially structured payments ever
    y two weeks or monthly but no lump sum at this time. If you
    have any questions feel free to contact me at the following
    e-mail: I keep in touch regularly with
    the client and can pass on any questions or information nec

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