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    Re: Search of airbags

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 6/27/06

    The "inventory" search covers everything and every place.
    Ostensibly, it protects the cops from being sued for
    absconding with that 3 carat diamond the perp kept stored in
    the toolbox in the trunk. Helluva law enforcement tool, huh?

    On 6/27/06, Carol wrote:
    > Interesting fact pattern came up today, no case law on it
    > yet in my state. Driver is pulled over and arrested for
    > driving under suspension. Arguably a bad stop but then
    > car is searched for "inventory" incident to towing.
    > Officer notices the cover on the passenger-side air bag is
    > loose and he takes it off. there is a Wal-mart bag inside
    > the airbag compartment. Officer looks inside the bag and
    > finds several psuedophed tablets. both driver and
    > passenger are charged with assembling meth. Here's my
    > question: is the search into the airbag compartment
    > overbroad? How far can they go to take an inventory?
    > into the trunk? into a locked glove box? taking out the
    > airbags? Any experience or ideas from the group?

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