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    Re: Search of airbags

    Posted by Carol on 6/28/06

    uh huh, protects the police my aunt fanny, it's a blank check
    if you ask me. But, the airbag? BTW, There's case law here
    that the police are required to "protect the public" by taking
    possession of money left on the front seat of an unattended
    car to "prevent it from being stolen." I fear for our
    children's liberty
    On 6/27/06, Curmudgeon wrote:
    > The "inventory" search covers everything and every place.
    > Ostensibly, it protects the cops from being sued for
    > absconding with that 3 carat diamond the perp kept stored in
    > the toolbox in the trunk. Helluva law enforcement tool, huh?
    > On 6/27/06, Carol wrote:
    >> Interesting fact pattern came up today, no case law on it
    >> yet in my state. Driver is pulled over and arrested for
    >> driving under suspension. Arguably a bad stop but then
    >> car is searched for "inventory" incident to towing.
    >> Officer notices the cover on the passenger-side air bag is
    >> loose and he takes it off. there is a Wal-mart bag inside
    >> the airbag compartment. Officer looks inside the bag and
    >> finds several psuedophed tablets. both driver and
    >> passenger are charged with assembling meth. Here's my
    >> question: is the search into the airbag compartment
    >> overbroad? How far can they go to take an inventory?
    >> into the trunk? into a locked glove box? taking out the
    >> airbags? Any experience or ideas from the group?

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