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    Re: Statute of limitations

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 6/29/06

    At age 19, the life insurance mortality tables tell us his
    life expectancy is about 70 years. That would put the
    statute of limitations at about 71 years.

    On 6/29/06, Victor Merkel wrote:
    > My son,who is 19, was charged with hit and run, DUI,and
    > domestic violence.He did some time in jail, and was out on
    > probation. He was not working the programs, or following
    > the rules. He was also cited for malicious mischief, and
    > shoplifting, while on probation. He decided to flee the
    > state, before the court date. And he now has warrents for
    > his arrest. What is the statute of limitations for
    > like this, in Washington State?

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