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    Post: 10 year old Judgement

    Posted by Monica on 8/17/06

    The Bank called me today advising I had a Judgement from
    them in 1996 regarding an NSF check. I moved away to
    college in 96' and told them I didn't receive a Judgement.
    They faxed a copy of the Judgement to me today. They
    informed me that it is time to collect on the debt (which
    they have doubled the amount) I started banking with them
    again in 2003 and have never been advised of any
    judgement. Is there a statue of limitation law in
    Louisiana. They said they would accept pymt arrangements if
    I wanted to clear it up or if not, I can no longer bank
    with them. I have several CD's currently with them, and
    I'm very upset that I have not been advised of this sooner.
    What can I do?

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