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    Post: Keep Place To Sell Subst

    Posted by Marji on 8/24/06

    Few months ago I was checking into a hotel(during a move)
    the hired help was suppose to be unloading a few suit
    cases to put in the room, while I went to the hotel's
    lobby. Upon returning to the area of my room & rental
    moving truck,I noticed hired help was talking to a
    stranger in the parking lot & I asked who this person was
    & was told he had come out of nowhere to bum a cigarette.
    Next I heard a man yell at us & ordering us not to move. I
    turned around & there was 2 policemen(over 1,000 ft. away)
    practically running over to us.When they approached us,1
    of the officers stated that he saw us trying to hide UNDER
    the moving truck.
    They bypassed me & went directly to the hired help.They
    kept saying repeatedly that they knew him from somewhere,
    asking him how much he had been drinking/last time he used
    etc., I couldn't believe what I was seeing/hearing.They
    did a lic. plate check of my car(which states I am on
    probation)ASKED for permission to check my car & the
    moving truck I gave the ok. After this he took all my keys
    that where in my hands to enter vehicles.After thrashing
    my items w/ results of nothing.
    They proceeded to ask me questions like why I was in a
    hotel/how long I had already been staying, how much I was
    paying etc.,I asked them if I was under arrest and they
    said no, so I asked them why they where here. He asked me
    to follow him approx. 300 ft away & kept asking if the
    hired help was really here to sell me drugs.I repeatedly
    told the truth.He finally realized the keys he grabbed out
    of my hands, had a hotel room key attached. He DID NOT ask
    which room was mine nor did he ask for permission to enter
    any rooms. He took the hotel key & kept trying the key w/
    several rooms til he found mine.
    All I had in the room was my purse & 2 pets, box of
    condiments.He was alone in the room for over 45
    mins.w/door wide open.I even asked his partner to please
    close room so pets wouldn't take off.He wouldn't.He told
    me their procedure would be that they'd have humanesociety
    capture them & then I could PAY to get them out.
    Finally this officer walks out of room w/a gallon zip lock
    bag(which was full of refined sugar)stating he had 2
    franks for the tanks(whatever this meant I had no clue)I
    told him what was in the bag. He laughed & said everything
    checked out OK in the room.He closed the door.Then all the
    officers where laughing.
    He asked me to follow him again.I did.He told me that we
    both knew what was really in the room was enough stuff to
    open 10 labs & it was my last chance to cooperate.I again
    told the truth & asked him what he supposedly found.All he
    responded was that I better make up a story about this guy
    or we both were going to jail(violation of probation)I had
    no idea what/why he was even suggesting me to lie w/ such
    BS.Next he had me sit on the parking lots curb. Now all
    the officers went back into the room. The sprinklers came
    on & I asked the remaing officer if I could please move
    over out of sprinklers he said no.At this time the cops
    had been detaining us for almost 5 hours.
    Now we were being arrested for same charges since I
    wouldn't make up a story.I was booked for possession/my
    pets prescription. After getting bailed out & feeling
    sorry for the hired help being harrassed, I bailed him out.
    I returned to my hotels room where my purse was & noticed
    ALL my cash was missing.There was no list/no receipt from
    the police for taking ALL my cash.
    I inquired w/hotel's mgmt if they had called or gave
    permission to these cops to enter my room. They said they
    never knew the cops were ever on their property.
    Upon being released/bailed out,they gave me 1 paper
    showing an itemized list of my property which I was given
    back.List consisted of 3 things(2 sets of keys,1pair of
    sandals)List also stated that the value of my property
    exceeded the amount allowed to keep, so I had 30 days to
    proceed to obtain it.Didn't state what/nor how much they
    had.Returning to hotel I noticed my purse was in same
    spot,but ALL my cash was missing.
    I called the police dept.,asking about my money.They
    responded that they did have it & took pictures of it. I
    asked how to get my money back & was told I had to hire a
    lawyer for this.I asked why there was NO record of them
    taking my cash.They hung up.During the 30 days of trying
    to retrieve back my money, I've been told different
    stories from them NOT having my money to the point that
    the officer in charge of PROPERTIES was on a never ending
    vacation.Even was suggested by a Watch Commander for me to
    file a complaint w/ the city.Another answer was that maybe
    I bumped my head & couldn't remember where I hid it,or
    maybe the hotel had my money.
    Since my arrest 1st court date was set for 7/6/06.When
    arrived we weren't on calender/nor a case filed
    yet.Requested for a Notice Of Appearence,next court date
    was 8/17/06. Still didn't have our names on calender.The
    atty I retained 2 mos. ago has refussed to return any
    calls,she appeared @ court & inquired about case & police
    report. She rec.a copy.She told me that she would get
    disbarred if she gave me a copy of it & she needed to mark
    out witnesses personal info first.
    We were called before the judge(NEVER asked a plea)all was
    mentioned was no further investigation(which my lawyer &
    that guys public pretender BOTH verbally stated yes)then
    the judge set for another court date & asked me if I
    understood to reappear.
    Ever since last weeks appearence I went on courts website
    & it showed nothing w/ my name. As of Monday,I called the
    DA's office & fortunately talked w/someone who gave me my
    case# & described my charges of 2 counts[1] Posses
    Controlled Substance[2] KEEP PLACE TO SELL CNTRL SUBST.
    I called my atty. again cant reach her. I was told in
    order to rec. copy of police report I had to pay ANOTHER
    The moving truck & the hotel room WAS NEVER in my name.

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