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    Re: Subpoena--Let's All Vote

    Posted by Carol on 9/21/06

    On 9/21/06, M'sta Mikey wrote:
    > On 9/21/06, Curmudgeon wrote:
    >> OK, team. The attorney goes to all of the time and expense
    >> to serve this guy in Mexico. How many think the attorney
    >> will just say "never mind" if he doesn't show up? How many
    >> vote for jail time and/or having to pay for the costs and
    >> expenses of serving the subpoena?
    how do spell contempt of court? a subpoena being a court order
    I vote for some jail time, restitution and a significant fine
    for blowing off the court order.
    OP, don't break any laws in CA unless you favor being a guest of
    the state for a while.
    On the other hand, I'm not sure from the post, the court's in CA
    was the person serving it a mexican attorney or a CA attorney?
    believe me, an attorney's subpoena is just as valid as one
    served by the sheriff. but if the attorney isn't authorized to
    practice in the state that he's serving it for....
    v, say what?

    >> On 9/20/06, Paul Pomplun wrote:
    >>> Hi,I have a very rare question, I was issued a subpoena to
    >>> appear in court, but it was served to me in another
    >> country,
    >>> the subpoena is for CA and I was in mexico where the person
    >>> who gave it to me is one of the defendants attorneys, is it
    >>> a valid subpoena? Do I have to appear? And if I never get
    >>> served do I still have to appear? If i dont appear what
    >> happens?
    > Hey Paul, can ya sing "Do you really want to hurt me", by Boy
    > George, while bending to pick up your soap-on-a-rope in the
    > shower with Baba and the boyz?

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