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    Re: Subpoena--Let's All Vote

    Posted by Paul on 9/21/06

    On 9/21/06, Carol wrote:
    > On 9/21/06, M'sta Mikey wrote:
    >> On 9/21/06, Curmudgeon wrote:
    >>> OK, team. The attorney goes to all of the time and expense
    >>> to serve this guy in Mexico. How many think the attorney
    >>> will just say "never mind" if he doesn't show up? How many
    >>> vote for jail time and/or having to pay for the costs and
    >>> expenses of serving the subpoena?
    > how do spell contempt of court? a subpoena being a court order
    > I vote for some jail time, restitution and a significant fine
    > for blowing off the court order.
    > OP, don't break any laws in CA unless you favor being a guest of
    > the state for a while.
    > On the other hand, I'm not sure from the post, the court's in CA
    > was the person serving it a mexican attorney or a CA attorney?
    > believe me, an attorney's subpoena is just as valid as one
    > served by the sheriff. but if the attorney isn't authorized to
    > practice in the state that he's serving it for....
    > v, say what?
    >>> On 9/20/06, Paul Pomplun wrote:
    >>>> Hi,I have a very rare question, I was issued a subpoena to
    >>>> appear in court, but it was served to me in another
    >>> country,
    >>>> the subpoena is for CA and I was in mexico where the person
    >>>> who gave it to me is one of the defendants attorneys, is it
    >>>> a valid subpoena? Do I have to appear? And if I never get
    >>>> served do I still have to appear? If i dont appear what
    >>> happens?
    >> Hey Paul, can ya sing "Do you really want to hurt me", by Boy
    >> George, while bending to pick up your soap-on-a-rope in the
    >> shower with Baba and the boyz?

    No the lawyer is not a mexican one, no the subpoena is not an
    international one, he tried to serve it like if i was in CA but we
    where over here in mexico, yes he came to ask me some questions and
    gave me a subpoena with my name written in pen lol not like the
    clerk prepared it, im guessing it was a bogus subpoena trying to
    scare me into appearing that day... hes the defender of the
    defendant, the prosecutor hasnt even tried this stunt why should he?

    Anyways i asked somewhere else too and aparently you cant serve a
    subpoena to a person in another country unless its a special
    subpoena that allows that, which in my case it wasnt...

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