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    Post: hypothetical case

    Posted by Bj Curry on 2/27/06

    lets say you were employed at a group home that stated its
    policy of not accepting violent clients because of the fact
    that clients would have free(minorly supervised) run
    throughout society verbally apon hire. you find yourself
    unformally trained in a situation with a client that has a
    history of violence and becomes increasingly more violent
    over a period to four weeks. during one of the clients
    violent episodes you restrain him/her in protection of one
    of your fellow coworkers. You are told by his/her social as
    well as your boss worker that you did what you had to do
    and you are commended. The next episode you restrain the
    client you are terminated because during your restraint the
    client hurts him/herself minorly. two months later you hear
    from a dectective over the phone asking questions about the
    incident. the detective threatens to arrest you if you do
    not come to his office to answer his questions. what would
    be your advice as a lawyer representing this client or
    giving counseltation?

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