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    Re: hypothetical case

    Posted by Carol on 2/27/06

    On 2/27/06, Bj Curry wrote:
    the detective threatens to arrest you if you do
    > not come to his office to answer his questions. what would
    > be your advice as a lawyer representing this client or
    > giving counseltation?

    The same advice I would give anyone facing a criminal
    charge: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. If they have grounds to
    arrest they will. Frequently, cops will posture or threaten
    to get someone to open up, which then gives them the grounds
    to arrest. Unless you are a witness or complainant, there
    would be no reason question you other than as a suspect to
    arrest. Everyone has the 5th amendment right not to
    incriminate themselves and more people should use it more
    often. I can't tell you the amount of times I've defended
    someone who was "trying to cooperate" "trying to
    help" "they told me it would go better for me if I
    cooperated and told them the truth." It doesn't. We have a
    saying, "equity never helps a volunteer." Once you've
    admitted anything, however insignificant it may seem to you,
    you're hosed. Let the cops do their job and get evidence,
    don't hand anything to them on a silver platter.

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