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    Post: Laywer abandons client during deliberation

    Posted by april gilbert on 10/13/06

    Our attorney just abandoned us to go on vacation, out of
    state, during delibertation of a murder trial, without
    letting anyone including the courts know.... Stating he
    tought the trial would be over (mind you the trial was
    alot shorter then they had expected) so how could he even
    think it would been over. anyways I would like to know
    how common is this, and dont you feel like this left a bad
    immpression on the jurors as to what he thought of his
    client. Is there some recourse we could take... PS he
    ended up getting 1st degree murder, for accidently killing
    his best friend. Never been in any kind of trouble whats
    so ever, no record, white, not a gang memeber. We were
    told there are alot of reasons to request a retrial. Is
    that the same as an appeal, and doesnt that take along
    time. Thank for any feed back

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