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    Re: csc 4th degree

    Posted by eh on 10/13/06

    well i plea bargined and i recived non internet regisrty and
    a registration of once a year since then it was amended to
    4th degree being a felony and they amended that again so now i
    cant live in my apartm,ent because it is with in 1000 feet of
    a school

    On 10/13/06, Curmudgeon wrote:
    > What you are arguing is that you would not have committed
    > the crime if you had known it was a felony instead of just a
    > misdemeanor and/or you would not have committed the crime if
    > you had known how stiff the penalties were.
    > Were you convicted after a trial or did you plead guilty?
    > If you pled guilty, you might have a good argument that the
    > plea was not "knowingly made after being fully advised of
    > the consequences."
    > On 10/13/06, eh wrote:
    >> i was covicted of csc 4th degree in michigan when i was a
    >> 16 i was with a girl that lied about her age well at that
    >> time it was a misd. a couple years back they amended the
    >> law now im a felon then once again the amend the law that
    >> you can not live 1000 feet from a school now i see for
    >> case's of child molesters having that but i am now 23
    >> trying to start a family and just signed a 1yr lease now
    >> im being told i cannot live here and am being harassed by
    >> police i feel my constitutional rights are being violated
    >> but what can i do????? that is if i am reading article 14
    >> section 1 of the united states constitution correctly......

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