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    Re: armed robbery

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Attorney - Lake Charles, Louisiana on 12/25/06

    Dear I Dunno,

    Assuming you are telling the truth, you are a victim of
    the imperfection of the so-called Criminal "Justice"
    System. Many, many people get convicted of things that they
    are not really guilty of. The jury system is not perfect,
    far from it. A trial by judge is even more perilous. You
    need a good lawyer to defend you. Also, don't dare plead
    guilty to something that you did not do. What state did
    this happen in? Best of luck! Say your prayers, ask God
    for help and then get the best lawyer you can afford. Beware
    of court-appointed lawyers, for althought they are competent
    to try and defend a case, in most cases; nevertheless, they
    generally have so many cases assiged to them that they
    hardly know the names of their court-appointed "clients".
    It has been my observation that what most court appointed
    lawyers do is stand their clients in line to plead guilty,
    accepting the best offer that the State (prosecution) makes
    them. If you want to talk about this, feel free to call me.
    There is no charge for just talking with me. Best of luck!
    Hang in there! Don't despair! Don't plead guilty to
    something you did not do!


    Hardy Parkerson, Attorney - Lake Charles, Louisiana

    On 11/13/06, I dunno what happened wrote:
    > A store got robbed and nothing was recovered from the
    > robbery. A women got injured and their were two other
    > witnesses. The witnesses identification of the robbers was
    > not even close to my appearence but i am still being
    > charged with it and i am innocent. The only thing they can
    > say is that i had the same type of gun used in the
    > They took a picture of a gun at a store and showed the
    > witness and the witness said it looked like the same
    > was the same model as mine. It was a two person robbery
    > i am the only one arrested, I have no CO-D. their was also
    > another gun used in the robbery but they never found
    > can they charge me with a crime if all they have is
    > circumstancial evidence and how hard is it to win this
    > at trial?

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