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    Re: Hypothetical

    Posted by Carol on 3/02/06

    On 3/01/06, v wrote:
    > Mudge! I believe i have to respectfully disagree on this one.
    > All tho i may be wrong. The mitigating circumstance in tis
    > is, Eve was intitled to that months social security. S.S. Pays
    > it's benifits for the priore month, not the month ahead.
    > or not Adam is entitled to it, is another matter. I believe
    > now belongs to Eves' estate.

    v, according to Social Security Administration, the recipient
    has to live the entire month to be entitled to the money. Or at
    least that's what I have encountered doing estates. So, if Eve
    died before the end of the month, even on the last day of the
    month, the money has to be returned to Uncle Sugar. This has
    only happened once or twice and each time, I've checked with SSA
    to be absolutely sure.
    'Mudge--hope I'm not being too familiar :)-- interesting, never
    thought about the federal charges as per the bank.

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