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    Re: My neice is in deep trouble!

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Attorney at Law - Lake Charles, Louisiana on 12/25/06

    Dear T. Harrison,

    The answer to your question would depend on a lot of
    information that you are not giving here. One, was your
    niece ever charged with any crimes other than the identity
    theft? Secondly, what was the outcome of that case? Was she
    convicted of the charge, is it still pending, or is it too
    old to prosecute? From what you say, something that
    happened a few years ago should not be such a big stumbling
    block now. Now if she was convicted of identity theft, and
    if the charge was a felony, that will in all probability
    present a stumbling block to her; but, my guess is that she
    will eventually work her away around it, for nurses are much
    in demand; and somebody will accept her explanation and
    hire her and she can then begin to establish a good work
    record which will militate in her favor in the future. Good
    luck to her and to you!


    Hardy Parkerson, Attorney at Law - Lake Charles,

    On 11/24/06, T.Harrison wrote:
    > I don't know what to do, I found out that my neice has
    > been involved in mail fraud,and insurance fraud,and has
    > been arrested on identity fraud.The FBI had my house
    > watched while she conducted her dirty dealings from my
    > home while I was at work.This was a few years ago,but now
    > this has come back to haunt her while she was appying for
    > a nursing job. She hasn't said a word to me about the
    > outcomeof the job hunt. Does she have a chance, to get a
    > nursing job,or is it a total bust?

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