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    Re: theft 1 non extraditable warrant

    Posted by Dave Schrom on 4/02/08

    On 12/14/06, George Forg wrote:
    > I have and non Extradiable warrant for theft 1 in Whatcom
    > county Washington State the reason the warrant is issued
    > for me is becasue of licence plate number. the person
    > driving my car stole something from a K Mart and the
    > warrant is issued in my name even though it was not me at
    > all this happened two years ago so does any one have any
    > advice to what i should do about it because i'm thinking
    > of going on vacation for new years weekend and i don't
    > want there to be a mix up at the border. if any one can
    > lend me some advice and would be wonderful. thank you very
    > much
    > George Forg


    Most likely the county warrant in Washington would be
    "extraditable" from/to any state in the United States. The
    charge of 'Theft in the First Degree' is a class B Felony in
    the State of Washington (RCW 9A.56.030).

    So if you were ever compelled to show identification to any
    law enforcement officer and a wants/warrants check was ran in
    any state in the United States, the prospect of arrest would
    be present. Now whether or not the State of Washington would
    pay to have you extradited/transported to their jurisdiction
    is another matter. (i.e. - If you were pulled over in say
    Idaho, the chances of you being arrested and sent to
    Washington would be greater than if you were arrested in

    My advice is to contact the county court in Washington via a
    letter and explain your circumstances/defense. They will
    most likely want you to turn yourself in to a peace officer
    in their area for arrest/disposition, but this may be a good
    way to start the process. But have your ducks in a row -
    make sure you have bail money at your avail so it can be a
    painless 'Book and Release'. You will then be given a court
    date for an arraignment for a formal 'Reading of the Charges'
    at which time a court appointed attorney will most likely be
    assigned for your next court appearance/preliminary hearing.

    Good Luck...


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