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    Post: The New Police State Terrorism

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles, LA on 12/21/06

    Attorney Hardy Parkerson
    Aug. 19, 2005>

    The New Police State Terrorism

    Take Calcasieu Parish for example. We start off with about
    a thousand full time
    deputies. Then there is the Lake Charles City Police of
    about three or four
    hundred. Then there is the Lake Charles City Marshal
    police force of about a
    hundred. Then there is the Louisiana State Police of
    thousands. Then there is
    the United States Marshal police force. Then there is the
    Port of Lake Charles
    police force, and the Sowela Tech police force, and the
    McNeese State University
    Police force.

    Also, now we have the Sabine River Authority police force.
    Am I missing any? Oh,
    yes! There's even the Railroad Police, even in Lake
    Charles, with cop uniforms,
    badges and guns. Then there is the Federal Bureau of
    Investigation police, not
    to mention the I.N.S. Border Patrol police force and the
    U.S. Customs Service
    police force which perform run-of-the-mill police
    operations traditionally
    handled only by local state police forces.

    Our Fathers never intended for the Federal Government to
    conduct an
    intrastate-only Criminal Justice System; but that is what
    is happening right
    now, with the United States Attorney's offices handling
    what has traditionally
    been handled only by local state prosecutors and by local
    state courts

    What's more is that a contingent from each of most of the
    above-named police
    forces has gotten together and formed even another giant
    police force that they
    call a "Task Force" and they are literally terrorizing the
    State of Louisiana.
    In making what is a simple arrest of a non-violent
    defendant, on a simple drug
    charge, they arrive en masse and all pull out guns and aim
    them at even women
    and children who are not even criminal suspects.

    Further, they depend on the United States Attorneys'
    offices to prosecute the
    alleged cases that they "make". Since the state District
    Judges refuse to allow
    some of these police forces and/or their leader and/or
    leaders to "terrorize"
    certain portions of Calclasieu Parish, such as North Lake
    Charles, and refuse to
    allow the police to dictate whether bond for accused
    defendants will even be
    allowed, and, if so, how much these bonds should be set
    at, these police forces
    and/or their leader and/or leaders have elected to take
    their cases not to the
    local District Attorneys for prosecution, but to take them
    to the United States
    attorneys whose offices are getting bigger and bigger and

    The traditional Louisiana Criminal Justice System is
    changing and changing fast.
    There is more to it all than this, but this is something
    to think about.


    Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    Former Asst. Prof. Crim. Justice
    L.S.U. - Baton Rouge

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