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    Re: texas statutes

    Posted by Carol on 3/02/06

    On 3/01/06, ernie wrote:
    > hi in texas how long can a company wait until the file
    > theft charges i was stupid and signed a confession in
    > the last 60 days nothing has been filed no police have
    > been involved and the area manager responsible for
    > filing did not ean to file can someone step in now
    > file
    Ernie, and everyone else: if I would only be able to
    accomplish only one thing on these chat boards I would hope
    it's to get this message across:KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!! That
    includes signing anything. Once you do, you're hosed. You
    have, practically speaking, no defense after you sign a
    confession or admit something to the police. It would make
    my job as a defense attorney so much easier if people would
    just exercise their 5th amendment rights and keep quiet. Of
    course (former) prosecutors would disagree; it makes their
    job much easier if you've already admitted to the crime. As
    for your question, it would help if you used periods, it's
    hard to read the way it is but I get the gist. Most states
    have a period of time measured in years as to how long
    police can take to arrest you for a crime. I would suggest
    consulting an attorney, especially if it was something
    fairly valuable or a large amount of money. Any time you're
    looking at jail, you should have representation. You've
    already done damage on your own by signing the confesssion,
    don't make it any worse.

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