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    Post: Dennis Daniel Was Done Wrong.

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles, LA on 12/26/06

    Dennis Daniel Was Done Wrong!

    Poor old Dennis Daniel waited in jail for over six
    months for a trial; and then during the week of his
    scheduled trial, the court did not even call a jury to the
    courthouse so that he could have his day in court. So poor
    old Dennis Daniel still languishes in jail, unable to make
    bond and awaiting a trial which never seems to come. I do
    not think it mattered that Dennis Daniel is Black. The
    White guys did not get a trial either.

    During the Jury Week of March 29, 2004, 68 felony
    and capital cases were fixed for jury trial before one
    judge in Calcasieu Parish, and the court did not even call
    a jury to the courthouse.

    Dennis Daniel was done wrong!

    If the courts want to hold a defendant in jail on
    a bond which he is unable to make, that's fine; but at
    least give him a trial within a reasonable amount of time;
    don't make him wait in jail for many months, or even
    years, awaiting his constitutional right to a speedy and
    public trial.

    The Bill of Rights wasn't worth a dime to Dennis

    Lake Charles, Louisiana, this 31st day of March,

    Hardy M. Parkerson

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