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    Re: Dennis Daniel - Why Not?

    Posted by Sandra House on 12/27/06

    Why didn't erase this one too?

    On 12/26/06, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles, LA
    > Dennis Daniel Was Done Wrong!
    > Poor old Dennis Daniel waited in jail for over six
    > months for a trial; and then during the week of his
    > scheduled trial, the court did not even call a jury to the
    > courthouse so that he could have his day in court. So poor
    > old Dennis Daniel still languishes in jail, unable to make
    > bond and awaiting a trial which never seems to come. I do
    > not think it mattered that Dennis Daniel is Black. The
    > White guys did not get a trial either.
    > During the Jury Week of March 29, 2004, 68 felony
    > and capital cases were fixed for jury trial before one
    > judge in Calcasieu Parish, and the court did not even call
    > a jury to the courthouse.
    > Dennis Daniel was done wrong!
    > If the courts want to hold a defendant in jail on
    > a bond which he is unable to make, that's fine; but at
    > least give him a trial within a reasonable amount of time;
    > don't make him wait in jail for many months, or even
    > years, awaiting his constitutional right to a speedy and
    > public trial.
    > The Bill of Rights wasn't worth a dime to Dennis
    > Daniel.
    > Lake Charles, Louisiana, this 31st day of March,
    > 2004.
    > Hardy M. Parkerson

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