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    Re: how can i get my ex(lapd cop) for perjury?

    Posted by Fanua SP. (SCUPS-Student) on 1/23/07

    Dear Jenny,

    Have you report the rape to the police? Did you seek medical
    help after the rape? How long ago this has happen to you? How
    long to you know him etc, etc?

    If you have not report the rape you can contact the Police and
    report the rape to them.

    On 1/22/07, jennylynn wrote:
    > On 1/21/07, Fanua SP (SCUPS- Student) wrote:
    >> Dear Jenny,
    >> Lying under oath is all up to the jury. The Juries are
    >> supposed to decide what the facts of the case were. Did he
    >> force you to sleep with him or did you sleep with him
    >> willingly etc? In most cases the jury simply decides who it
    >> believes. Once they decide who is telling the truth
    >> according to the evidences and facts, it is the judge who
    >> applied the law to the facts and decides what the judgments
    >> will say…
    >> Thanks
    >> On 1/19/07, jennylynn wrote:
    >>> my ex is a cop. he is trying to get me for vandalism, but
    >>> he is blowing it up like i have been stalking him for 2
    >>> years, but in reality he has been getting me drunk on days
    >>> he wants to see me then having his way with me at the end
    >>> of the night.he tells the judge he had a one night stand
    >>> with me, but never seen me or attempted to see me in the
    >>> future, rejected all of my calls bla bla bla..he states to
    >>> the judge all these things under oath,also states that on
    >> a
    >>> 11/04/06 i went to his house and wrote fag on the dew of
    >>> his car window..well 11/04/06 i was in san fran northern
    >>> california with someone. purchased a flight ticket to and
    >>> from...and used my visa that day all day, 100's of miles
    >>> away. now whether or not that was one series of event's,
    >> to
    >>> which he knew the report he was giving was
    >> order
    >>> to push prosecution. So if he is abusing his power in
    >> order
    >>> to confess to such charges by lieing to the court, how can
    >>> i nail this guy in court? thanks jen
    > Thank you for your reply,
    > interesting you ask if i consented to the sex, he had gotten
    > drunk and took me to his hotel, when all i wanted was to go
    > home. he told me that he was a cop and showed me his badge,
    > told me that i dont need a dui and that he would get me home
    > safe.
    > all these things he said were to gain my trust. to a certain
    > degree i did trust him. however i was unable to consent to any
    > act of sex, because under the laws of california any man
    > knowing a women to be under any intoxicating substance and has
    > sex with her is considered rape...i was half asleep during
    > of it. the next morning i woke up next to him naked and
    > realized i just had sex..i looked at him and thought to
    > myself..well at least he isnt i took his cell phone
    > and called my phone so i would have his number...every attempt
    > to seee this guy to perhaps get to know him ...he would always
    > take me out and buy me drinks...i think he was taking
    > that i was young and not experienced with drinking nor
    > dating..what he was doing would be considered date rape by
    > to hear your reply's

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