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    Re: Abusing disability insurance

    Posted by Brenda on 3/13/06

    Sure there is, just call The Social Security 0ffice or
    Public Services in the cities where this is occuring, a
    simple phone call and ask them that you would like to remain
    annonymous if want or a letter, or thru the Internet, have
    all the information ready such as:

    Phone #
    Social Security #'s
    Drivers License

    If you know little or a lot of information for each person,
    just do it, so the people that deserve help from our
    Goverment can get it

    Sorry but I have to ask, are you talking about ilegal
    aliens? (oh no is this another subject?) that don't speak a
    word of English but claim they had been in the USA for many
    years and are getting Health Insurance, Monetary help and
    food, HOW do these people GET AROUND THE SYSTEM??? and get
    all the benefits not only for them, but for their countless
    children, siblings, friends, cousins, uncles, that just
    arrived in the USA? hmmmm this truly puzzles me!

    But than again there are people in some big cities that sell
    fake Social Security cards and even Driver's License and
    only God knows what else.....Hmmmm


    On 3/13/06, Shelly wrote:
    > There are a lot of people in the US with true disabilities
    > that are in serious need of help, but what about those
    > abusing the system, is there a way to report them?

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