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    Post: Did not service 24 hour sentence. Now warrant issued

    Posted by Charlie on 3/05/07

    While going through a divorce, my ex-wife was able to push
    a protective order through the court. We owned a business
    together and she wanted to take 100% control of the
    accounts, which she did and keep me out of my office.
    I subsequently was charged twice with violating a
    protective order. To get it over with I plead guilty to
    both and was sentenced to the WV minimum of 1 day in jail
    for both. I served the first 24 hours, but not the second.
    I've been living in New England since 2005 and was
    recently pulled over and cited for driving on a suspended
    license. Called and the suspension was for a warrant for
    not doing my day in jail.

    Question: Can I be charged with anything else, for not
    serving the 24 hours? To resolve this, would I have to do
    the 24 hours? Could they run the first 24 that I did,
    concurrent with the second that I did not? Is it worth
    hiring an attorney over?


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