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    Re: Ecard Numbers Bought on Craigslist

    Posted by Alan on 7/05/11

    On 7/03/11, MACYS LP wrote:
    > On 6/08/11, Alan wrote:
    >> I bought gift card numbers from an individual on Craigslist
    >> which I did not know were stolen. I bought a lot of them
    >> from this individual. I used the gift card numbers to get
    >> gift cards and items from I filed a police
    >> report, went on to file a report, did
    >> everything that I could to clear my name and advise that I
    >> did not know the seller on Craigslist. What do I do now,
    >> or who do I contact at Macys at this point?
    > if you are concerned about your money you spent and want real
    > gift cards, you are out of luck.
    > if you are concerned about clearing your name, dont worry you
    > are fine. fraud gift cards are a large problem and MACYS's LP
    > are after the large crime rings of individuals who sell them,
    > not the guys who buy them

    I was speaking to one of the supervisor's at Macy's and told
    them of the situation. Now I am getting no responses from the
    supervisor. How do I know if they will file a case against
    me? I gave them all of the information of the individual who
    is selling the items on Craigslist. Any help or information
    would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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