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    Post: current macys empolyee

    Posted by associate on 6/17/11

    hi im currently an associate in Flushing Macys i want to
    know its Loss prevention is seperate from any other
    departments in Macys? the reason why im asking because if i
    call in to tell LP what this asscioate does at his job, and
    not giving my name. would they go to my manager and tell
    him somebody call in and say this things to them?i dont
    want anybody to know that its me who go behind this
    associate back to tell bad things he did. i saw this
    associate was giving out extra 10% discount to their
    friends who shop there and he also gave 10% damage discount
    to another associate that who work in different department
    at least 2-3 times, its ok to do it ?? he asked me to give
    him 10% damage discount one time to buy the shoes but i
    rejected him cause im scare to get in he went to
    someday else. since we are working in commission department
    he always tell the customer to go to him because he told
    customer he will give extra discount which is 10% without
    let the manager know. Its he going to get fire if i report
    this to the Loss Prevention officer and its ok if i dont
    give out my name when i call on the phone? and i know the
    associate full name , please advice me immediately , should
    i tell or not. what is going to happen? Thanks

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