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    Post: macys loss prevention

    Posted by ee on 6/22/11

    okay i was an employee for macys and one day the lp manager
    called me up and proceded to tell me the coupons i used
    totalling 40 dollars was done the day after the coupons
    were done being handed out. however i asked three managers
    if we were still giving them out and they said yes... so i
    didnt know if they were done being handed out or not so
    obviously thats why i asked. then she proceded to tell me i
    had given coupons to my mom which was totally not true i
    never did no such thing, she said she had me on camera,
    that there were cameras i couldnt see. i said go get the
    video then i never did that! so she keeps asking me
    questions and im up there for like two hours repeating the
    same answers. isnt this coercion. and "if" i did anything
    doesnt she need proof.? i mean thats harrassment.right?

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