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    Post: Worried - upcoming trial my son is faces for tresspassing

    Posted by Kris on 9/28/12

    My 19 year old son was invited to a party over the summer;
    the party took place in an apartment; he was at the party
    for about twenty minutes when the police raided the place.
    Marijuana was found on the floor, but not on him. No one
    claimed responsibility for the party, and no one claimed to
    be the tenant residing in the apartment, so the police
    hauled a group of kids down to the police station and
    charged them with trespassing. Some were held because there
    were background checks performed and my son's record showed
    that he is currently on probation. The reason he was on
    probation was because he was involved in an attempted
    robbery a few years ago. He has served about a years time
    of the five year probation. Due to good behavior, he was
    now going to probation once a month where he is required to
    check in by hand scan. He has also completed CASES, which
    is a program that would help to allow him to have his
    records sealed after his term of probation was over;
    because at the time of that incident, my son was seventeen
    years of age he was an eligible candidate for such a
    program. My son has managed to go on to graduating from
    high school through the stress of monthly court
    appearances, and mandatory programs [not looking for
    sympathy here, believe me]; he was working over the summer
    and is now currently seeking new employment and he has
    managed to enroll himself into Community College and is
    currently in his second semester. He is trying.
    Unfortunately he made a bad decision in going to this party
    over the summer. But how was he to know that something like
    this would happen? Today, in Court- his attorney, explained
    to my son and the Judge that he was seeking an ACD for my
    son. The other kids who were arrested at the party received
    ACD's - but I guess they weren't considering giving my son
    an ACD do to his prior record and his current probation
    status- so my son's attorney (jumped the gun a little- and
    didn't wait for any other offers to be thrown on the table,
    by the DA) and he said that we were set to go to trial-
    What will this mean for my son's case?


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