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    Post: right or not?

    Posted by Alaia on 4/20/17

    Joelina Davis, age 22, was arrested along with 10 others,
    after an informant tipped off the police about an alleged
    drug ring. She told her court-appointed attorney that she
    was innocent, but with 3 children at home, she took her
    attorney’s advice to accept a plea deal and plead guilty to
    ‘delivery of a controlled substance’ (drugs) of more than 4
    grams in a drug-free zone. Joelina was sentenced to
    10-years probation, instead of jail time, was required to
    pay $1900 in fines and was required to report to her parole
    officer monthly. Then, during the trial of one of the other
    accused individuals, it was discovered that the informant
    had lied about everything. All the other associated cases
    were dismissed except joelina’s and a few others who had
    also pleaded guilty and accepted a plea deal. joelina is
    now left with a charge on her record and over the years it
    has made her ineligible for certain government assistance
    (such as the food stamps she was using to help feed her
    children) and federal education assistance.

    1. 1. consider she Did receive effective counsel? 2. 2.
    Should she receive a second chance at a plea offer? 3.
    Should Valerie simply be restored to her position in the
    system prior to being offered a plea deal (in other words,
    pretend plea bargaining never occurred and she’s back at
    the beginning stage of just being arrested and still has
    the option of pleading not guilty and going to trial)

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