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    Post: Help me

    Posted by Michele on 8/26/10

    Did my Employer break the Law? I"m 10 weeks pregnant I went
    to work and my boss called and told me he needed the
    conference room cleaned I told him I shouldn't have came to
    work and I was spotting and he then told me just make sure
    the conference room is cleaned but I told him I already
    cleaned it but underneath the thick glass on the conference
    table there was dirty spots he then told me to pick up the
    glass and clean underneath it I told him didn't you hear me
    I'm spotting then he said well have another co worker help
    you pick it up I was so devastated I hung up and left work
    drove down the street and pulled over and had a break down
    I knew I was on the verge of a miscarriage I then drove
    myself to the hospital I now have a 30% chance of losing
    the baby So even though he knows I'm pregnant and I told
    him I was bleeding he was still having me clean and lift up
    heavy objects to top that off cleaning is not my job
    discriptio I'm the secretary I pay bill for the company
    what do I do? Help!

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