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    Re: Unemployment/EDD appeal (California)

    Posted by lawguy on 8/31/10

    On 8/29/10, Barron J. wrote:
    > My unemployment hearing is coming up next week...

    is it a first hearing or an appeal? you could use an atty on
    an appeal, but you might not need one for a first hearing....

    if you want an attorney, call your local county "bar
    association." they keep a list of local attorneys who do what
    you need.

    but what's the issue about "clearing your name"? generally,
    the only issue for unemployment hearings is if you were
    (1) "fired for cause" (or voluntarily quit without good
    cause) or (2) involuntarily terminated. if it's (2), you get
    unemployment benefits.

    good luck.

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