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    Re: Unemployment/EDD appeal (California)

    Posted by Barron J. on 9/02/10

    On 8/31/10, lawguy wrote:
    > On 8/29/10, Barron J. wrote:
    >> My unemployment hearing is coming up next week...
    > is it a first hearing or an appeal? you could use an atty on
    > an appeal, but you might not need one for a first hearing....
    > if you want an attorney, call your local county "bar
    > association." they keep a list of local attorneys who do what
    > you need.
    > but what's the issue about "clearing your name"? generally,
    > the only issue for unemployment hearings is if you were
    > (1) "fired for cause" (or voluntarily quit without good
    > cause) or (2) involuntarily terminated. if it's (2), you get
    > unemployment benefits.
    > good luck.

    The issue about clearing my name is because I didn't do what
    they alleged I did. To me that is defamation. Am I wrong????

    No attorney would take my case for less than 500.00. How am I
    supposed to come up with that if I am unemployed???

    I got the book about California unemployment appeals so I'm
    going to represent myself. Wish me luck!

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